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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The Debut Single Release: "Condor"

Ora Dea is the new band from Moshe Halperin and Chilean opera singer Katy Prado


Ora Dea means "Woman of light" in the native Chilean language Mapudongun

Their work and music originated from passionate musicians, singers and songwriters who met by chance in Frome Somerset England in 2020. Moshe Halperin and Katy Prado crossed paths to write beautiful medicine songs in Spanish, English and other ancient languages such us Mapudungun, weaving these songs with classical and modern instrumentation - Guitar , Violin, Double Bass, Cello, Charango and flutes.

Born in a mystic forest in Great Elm, Somerset, the music is inspired by medicine songs and icaros, sacred mantras and songs that come from the amazon, and the wisdom of first nation tribes around the world.

The new single "Condor" is released September 17th 2021 in the UK and worldwide.

This track is written in Mapudungun (native language of Chile), Spanish and English, and the song talks about the Condor being the protector of the sacred Andes mountains and the guardians of the veil between this world and the spirit world, celebrating the return of heart based consciousness into the world to look after the earth as original tribes have done for centuries. It promotes unity rather than separation, celebrating the sacred in every day life.

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