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Father of Radio is a song I wrote that was inspired by how our thoughts aren’t really ‘our’ thoughts. This song has a deeply personal meaning and words actually came to me in a dream one evening and later unfolded in real life.

The song is a cry to God for help when you are totally broken - “the rivers run out of my eyes”, “help me to heal in a foreign land”.

The father of radio refers to the creator or source of all the music we hear or sounds we collect in life. They are already there, and we can choose to tune into them.

This song has been a great reminder to me that we are all connected in a very tangible way and even though we often don’t recognize it, this world is full of help we just have to tune in and trust.

I love this song because it has a gospel sound which is fun to sing, and it has a beautiful message about being rooted in something greater than ourselves and it came along just when I needed to hear it.

The song will be released on 16th December and I would be so grateful if you could pre-save it and share with anyone who you think may resonate with this story.

Love Moshe x

Written by Moshe Halperin

Vocals & Guitar Moshe Halperin

Vocals - Katy Prado Piano - Tim Maryon Hammond - Martin Jenkins Drums - Seb Brice Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Seb Brice @ Indefra Studios Artwork by Kai Lawrence

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