Inspired by nights and nights and days and days rolling into years and years , sitting and learning songs and prayers from Maureenji, Carioca, Mao Tanka , Ninawa Pai De Mata and Chana Icacuru of the Huni Kuin, Amu Ahava, Rainer Scheunenbrand, the Yawanawa, The temple of the way of light in the Shipibo tradition of Icaros, and in hundreds of singing circles with my good friend George Barker, I slowly gathered a collection of sweet songs, touched by the medicine of all those hearts, and inspired by the mantras, meditations and prayers of my friends and teachers, the circles in Ibiza and London and Ciranda, and the songs from Brazil, Peru and Columbia as well as Israel, India and Ibiza and Osho and Adrian and the Eternal Heart.

My songbooks filled up, beautiful collections of favourite songs that stole my heart, and then some songs came out of me, and I started to record.

Hearing the medicine songs I've collected from my friends and teachers has sometimes brought tears of hope and joy to my eyes, and somehow, someday, maybe my songs will do the same for you.


​‘Golden Heart’ is the name of my first album


I've invited some friends to sing and play on some of these songs, so look forward to hearing beautiful vocals from Nessi Gomes, Julia Gelpke, Remi Olajoyegbe, Olivka Magita, BenBenJi, Katy Prado, Nadia Mullova Barley, Ninawa Pai de Mata, Louisa Love and George Barker, and the instruments of Adrian Freedman ( Shakuhachi flute), Misha Mullov Abado ( Double Bass), Mike Stanton (Oktav guitar) and Seb Brice ( percussion).

I believe music is one reason we spirits come back to the physical realm, and our songs serve as a reminder of who we are, beautiful humans, and what a gift of life we have been given, what a beautiful gift.



Paul Statham, multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer (Dido, Kylie)

"Better than 99% of anything I've heard in this genre"

Paddy Byrne, multi-million selling British songwriter





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